Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Warm Glow of Neon, The Lure of Sushi Monsters

Godzilla Sushi
Our neighborhood doesn't have as many restaurants as Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, or Andersonville, but two of my favorite places are within a half block of our home. Nothing snooty or high priced about them, but the food is good and I can walk to them. First off is a place called Pride Sushi. Great service, BYOB, and some downright amazingly inexpensive sushi done up with an artistic flair.

The other place close to home is pure Chicago. Wolfy's on Peterson. The best Chicago hot dog that you'll find anywhere, along with Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches and Italian sausage. And if you're more into Polish sausage, they have that too, and it's pretty damn good. The Wolfy's sign is visible from our living room window and in Chicago that's considered a room with a view. 

The lure of meat in a tube off in the distance.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Walking the Dog

This building is on Ardmore, between Washtenaw and Fairfield Avenues. I walk past it almost every day when I'm walking Scout, the terror terrier. I get to see a lot more of the neighborhood when I walk Scout. She's young and can walk a lot longer than my big slug of a dog, Chandler. 

A little rose garden planted in the parkway on Washtenaw Avenue. I love the shady streets, and the little gardens many people cultivate under the trees.